My name is Morgan!

Morgan1I have lived in:

Olympia, WA
Cincinnati, OH
Kailua, HI
Monterey, CA

I convinced my family to support me through beauty school in 2007 and have been working professionally as a hairstylist since 2008. I received an excellent education focused on client service as well as top-notch hair color and design. Once I began working in a salon I discovered quickly that many of my coworkers did not have the same client focus. Eventually I found a small salon where the owner and other hairstylists had the same mindset as me, which is keeping the focus of the business on the clients.

I worked my way up the ladder at the salon while attending college full-time for a Bachelor’s degree in business management. I had an amazing boss who mentored me through my classes and showed me the practical ways to implement what I was learning in school. I became the salon manager and lead stylist after two and a half years.

I can pinpoint the moment this blog idea happened. I was working, and a walk-in men’s haircut sat in my chair. Having never seen him before, I began my consultation. After a few minutes of talking and learning about him and what he wanted he stopped me and said, “no one has ever asked me that many questions about my hair. I saw the same barber for 20 years and he just retired. I don’t even know what I want, but I think you’ve got it. You need to write a book sweetie.”

And here we are.

My goal is to help people feel confident about the decisions they make when they are getting their hair done, and when doing hair. What I write about can benefit clients and stylists alike.

I have traveled all over the US with my family. There always seems to be someone who needs their hair done, who has had a negative experience, or just not enough time when it comes to hair. I hope to be able to share their experiences and learn from them too. If you have had an unpleasant experience, please feel free to share it with me via email/comments. I would be happy to help you find a solution, and help prevent the same experience for one of my readers in the future!



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