Dealing with dry hair


Today we are going to talk about a subject near and dear to my heart: dry hair.

After living in Hawaii for nearly a year, it’s hard to imagine anything being dry, because it is so humid. But, if you enjoy spending ANY time at the beach or in the ocean, your hair is going to rebel against you in a big frizzy mess.  The reason this happens, especially in locations on or near the ocean, is because of the salt. Salt in the water, salt in the air. Salt acts as a natural exfoliate, no matter how tiny the molecules.  That means it is basically scrubbing your hair cuticle, without you knowing. This leads to color fading, and dryness.

So what can you do?

Condition your hair!

Let’s start first by evaluating what conditioner you are using. Did you buy what your stylist recommended, or whatever was on sale at the grocery store? Make sure you are using a good quality shampoo and conditioner that are designed for your needs and hair type. I have medium textured and dense hair, which is also colored. I prefer a heavy moisturizing conditioner, like a masque. My go to Masque is Brazilian Blowout BB masque

I also like Caviar by Alterna. It is not as heavy, but works great to restore hair!Caviar shampoo and conditioner

Now I know your hairstylist has drilled into your head over the years the importance of NOT washing your hair daily (that’s a whole different article I will write!). So, if you are like me and you wash your hair every 5-7 days, or if you are an every 2-3 day washer, listen up.

For those of us washing once a week, we need to add at least one day in there where we get our hair wet and condition/masque it. I started doing this and had excellent results! For those of us washing every 2-3 days who are experiencing dryness, I would recommend adding a deep conditioning masque to your regimen. Replace your regular conditioner with a masque once a week.

Give it a few times to notice a difference.

If your hair is still feeling dry, there’s one more option that is sure to do the trick. I don’t recommend this right off the bat because it can be excessive for most of us.

Rinse and condition your hair EVERY DAY until it no longer feels dry.

Remember, dry hair is not the same as a dry scalp. I’ll cover that another day!

I hope you have enjoyed this segment! Please comment if you have any questions!




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